Zoo's Plan  


Dhaka Zoo Facilities Master Plan

The National Zoo is undergoing a comprehensive master planning process. As we described last year, the Facilities Master Plan will guide the

Zoo's facilities renewal, which will help the Zoo achieve its mission of providing leadership in animal care, science, education, and

sustainability. This long process, which is far from over, considers a variety of alternatives and benefits from feedback from the public.

The current phase involves an Environmental Assessment, which will be followed by such steps as comparing business plans.


  Summer season (April to October)             9.00AM - 6.00 PM

Winter season
(November to March)             8.00AM - 5.00 PM

Main gate entrance fee above two years Tk. 30.00 BDT
Children ages of 0 to two years are free and students from school, collage and University are free(with condition).
1. Do be kind to animals in captivity.
2. Do be co-operative with zoo employees.
3. Do abide by the zoo rules.
4. Do keep yourself and children at a safe distance from the zoo animals.
5. Do guard your children so that they are not lost.
6. Do leave the zoo before dusk.

Royal Bengal Tiger
Indian Lion
African white Lion
Spotted Hayena
Stripped Hyaena
Fishing Cat
Indian Jackal
Leopard cat
Asian Palm Civet
Small Indian Civet
Spotted Deer