General Information  

A master plan was accepted in 1960 for establishing central zoo. An advisory board was constituted for establishment and proper management of zoo in 1961. The master plan has received appreciations of experts from various countries. According to that master plan present zoo is developed.

Description of land:

Acquired land 86.37 hectors, Handed over to central Poultry farm 8.15 hector, Handed over for flood control embankment 2.7 hector, Total land at present 75.53 hector.

Two lakes of the zoo:

South lake 7.29 hector, North lake 5.67 hector, Total lake 12.69 hector.

Enclosure & Infrastructure-

Enclosure 33 Nos, Room 237 No, Pucca road 3.655meter, Bric soiling 3.1370eter, Power substation 01 Nostaholee , Island ( Utsab, Niribily ) as picnic s 02Nos, Anser camp 01Nos, Zoo museum 01Nos, Resting shed 13Nos, Mosque (with separate arrangement for women 01Nos, Public toilet 03Nos.


1. Administration, 2. Accounts, 3. Information, 4. Animal health, 5. Research, Animal nutrition, 6. Carnivores, 7. Avian/Birds,
8. Small mammals/Reptiles, 9. Herbivores & large animal, 10. Security, 11. Electric & Engineering, 12. Arboriculture, 13. Museum & 14. Fisheries

Do not feed Zoo Animals:

There are some animals in the zoo which the visitors must NEVER feed, the warning notices are on the enclosures of the animals. They must not give any animal remains of feed staff, dirty and unwholesome food, source and things which are not good for the health of the animals. The offering of food to zoo animals can sometimes cause injury to visitors or their property. Please don’t try to feed the Zoo animals.

Dogs ands other Pets:

Entry of dogs or any other pets in the Zoo is strictly prohibited because they may cause any accident or they may carry any deseases in the Zoo.

Fire arms and other Weapons:

The visitors will not be allowed to carry guns, air guns, other fire-arms, sharp weapons and sticks with sharp ends in the Zoo. No children are allowed to carry sticks, rods, wires, nails, etc. in the Zoo.

Portable radios and mikes:

The visitors are requested not to play radio sets or mikes within the Zoo, as it causes great annoyance to other visitors and also to the Zoo animals.


The use of cameras in the Zoo without prior permission from the Zoo authority is prohibited. Professional photographers should apply to Zoo authority for special permission.

Restaurant and souvenir shop:

Two restaurants (Mainly first food) and two souvenir shop in the Zoo are opened for convenience of the visitors. Price of all food items are fixed and price list are displayed in front of restaurant.

Telephone Numbers of Zoo:

Curator Office (PA) +088-02-9002020, Deputy Curator +088-02-9002738
Fax +088-02-80035035, Zoo Hospital-+088-02-90032052

First aid Post:

Contact Veterinary Surgeon or Information Centre near the entrance gate for First Aid.

Lost Children:

If your child is lost inside the zoo apply to the information centre near the entrance gate. Please take lost children to the Information centre for announcement.

Lost Property:

Please deposit any lost articles you find in the Zoo to the Information Centre. You may apply to the Information Centre in case you loose anything in the Zoo.

  Summer season (April to October)             9.00AM - 6.00 PM

Winter season
(November to March)             8.00AM - 5.00 PM

Main gate entrance fee above two years Tk. 30.00 BDT
Children ages of 0 to two years are free and students from school, collage and University are free(with condition).
1. Do be kind to animals in captivity.
2. Do be co-operative with zoo employees.
3. Do abide by the zoo rules.
4. Do keep yourself and children at a safe distance from the zoo animals.
5. Do guard your children so that they are not lost.
6. Do leave the zoo before dusk.

Royal Bengal Tiger
Indian Lion
African white Lion
Spotted Hayena
Stripped Hyaena
Fishing Cat
Indian Jackal
Leopard cat
Asian Palm Civet
Small Indian Civet
Spotted Deer